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Welcome To The Gamma Phi Chapter ( Phi House) Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc

Famous Kappa Men (Nupes)

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  *Reginald F. Lewis
The late CEO of Beatrice International Foods
(The largest Black-owned business, worth over $1 Billion)

  Edward Gardners
President of Soft Sheen Products, Inc.

  Percy E. Sutton
CEO of Inner City Broadcasting Corp., and Owner of the Famed Apollo Theater in N.Y.

  William Cox
CEO of Publishers of Blacks in Higher Education, and recent
inductee into the HBCU Hall of Fame

  William Johnson
CEO of Black Entertainment Television, Inc.

Arts & Entertainment


  Tavis Smiley
Host of "BET Tonight"
Alpha Chapter

  John Singleton
Director of Boyz N The Hood, Poetic Justice, and Higher Learning
Courtesy of Sadi Davidson, Gamma Beta

  Joe Clair
Host of BET's Rap City
Courtesy of Said Davidson,Gamma Beta

  Montell Jordan
Recording Artist
Beta Omega (Pepperdine), 1989
Courtesy of David Craig

  Donald Byrd

  Kenny Burrell
Jazz Artist

  Billy Taylor
Jazz Pianist

  Cedric the Entertainer
Courtesy of Sadi Davidson, Gamma Beta

  Mark Adkins
Delta Pi - Spring '81
Sinbad's Manager/Brother

  Whitman Mayo
Played "Grady" on the "Sanford and Son" sitcom

  Earnest Thomas
Played "Roger" on the "What's Happening"sitcom

  Jester Hairston
Played "Rolly Forbes" on "Amen" and "Pops" in "I'm Gonna' Get You Sucka'!"

  Gregory D. Ridley Jr.
Alpha Delta Chapter, 1947
Painting and sculptures in over 500 public collections in

  Max Banks
Played Goldie in the Blaxploitation film "The Mack"
Xi Chapter, 1953



  Johnny L. Cochran, Jr.

  Dr. Rev. Ralph Abernathy
Civil rights leader and former President of SCLC

  Thomas Bradley
Past Grand Polemarch
Former Mayor of
Los Angeles, CA

  Carl Stokes
Frst Black Mayor of a major
US city (Cleveland, OH)

  Rep. Sanford Bishop
Congressman, D-GA

  Rep. John L. Conyers
Congressman, D-MI
Intoduced legislature to make Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday a National Holiday

  Mervyn Dymally
Congressman, D-CA

  Rep. Alcee Hastings
Congressman, D-FL

  Elihu Harris
Oakland, CA

  Rep. Louis Stokes
Congressman, D-OH

  Rep. Albert R. Wynn
Congressman, D-MD

  Rep. Walter E. Fauntroy
Congressman, D-D.C.

  Michael White
Cleveland, OH
Zeta Chapter

  Rep. George W. Crockett, Jr.
Congressman, D-MI

  Rep. Bennie L. Thompson
Congressman, D-MS



  Anfernee Hardaway
Kappa Beta, Spring '93
NBA Phoenix Suns, Selected to 1995 1st Team All NBA,
Starter for '96 Eastern Conference All-Star Team

  Wilt Chamberlain
NBA Hall of Fame, Center for the LA Lakers.

  Oscar Robertson "The Big O"
NBA Hall of Fame

  Bill Russell
NBA Hall of Fame, Center for the
Boston Celtics

  Sam Jones
NBA Hall of Fame, Guard for the
Boston Celtics

  Alan Henderson
Alpha Chapter
NBA Atlanta Hawks

  Allan Houston
New York Knicks

  Kerry Kittles
New Jersey Nets

  Danny Manning
NBA Utah Jazz

  Lorenzen Wright
Kappa Beta, Spring '96
Los Angeles Clippers

  Elliot Perry
Kappa Beta, Spring '90
NBA Milwaukee Bucks

  Johnny Newman
New Jersey Nets

  Erick Dampier
NBA Golden State Warriors

  Rolondo Blackman
Former NBA Player with the Knicks and Mavericks

  Alex English
Former NBA Player
Zeta Epsilon, Univ. of South Carolina at Columbia
1996 Inductee in NBA Hall of Fame

  Bernie Bickerstaff
Head Coach of the NBA Washington Wizards

  Darrell Walker
Former Head Coach of the NBA Toronto Raptors

  Rudy Washington
Head Basketball Coach,
Drake University
President, Black Coaches Association

  Paul E. Smith
Head Basketball Coach, Dunbar High in Baltimore, MD
Alpha Gamma
Mr. Smith was named USA Today Coach of the Year in the early '90's, when Dunbar High was consistently rated as the top prep basketball program in the country. Former Charlotte Hornets' tandem Mugsy Bogues and David Wingate played on the same team at

  Larry Finch
Head Basketball Coach,
Memphis State University


  Gale Sayers
NFL Hall of Fame, RB for the
Chicago Bears, Selected for the All Time NFL Team

  Rod Smith
NFL Denver Broncos
Spring '92 Mu Epsilon

  Stanley Pritchett
NFL Philadelphia Eagles
Fall '83 Zeta Epsilon

  Greg Lloyd
1995 All-Pro
Spr. '83 Gamma Zeta

  Derek Loville
NFL St. Louis Rams(RB)
Delta Alpha, Spr.'88

  Larry Brown
Super Bowl XXX Most Valuable Player
Courtesy of George A. Williams, Gamma Phi,87

  Eric Davis
NFL Carolina Panters, DB

  Glyn Milburn
NFL Chicago Bears

  Earnest Byner
NFL Washington Redskins, RB

  Steve Wallace
Two Time NFL All-Pro Tackle, San Francisco 49er's
Theta Delta (Auburn), 1984

  Chris Oldham
NFL Pittsburg Steelers (DB)
Delta Alpha,Spr '88

  Willie Jackson
NFL Cincinatti Bengals

  Robert Green
NFL Chicago Bears

  Randall Hill
NFL Arizona Cardinals

  Jesse Hester
NFL Oakland Raiders

  J.J. Birden
NFL Kansas City Chiefs

  Aeneas Williams
All-Pro Cornerback - NFL Arizona Cardinals

  Guy McIntyre
NFL San Francisco 49ers - Retired All-Pro Guard

  E.J. Junior
NFL Miami Dolphins - Retired Middle Linebacker

  John Henry Johnson
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers - Fullback, 1954-66
Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1987

  Willie Davis
NFL Green Bay Packers - Cornerback, 1958-69
Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1981

  Lem Barney
NFL Detroit Lions - Cornerback, 1967-77
Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1992

  Ollie Matson
NFL Chicago Bears - Running Back, 1952-66
Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1972

  Bill Willis
NFL Cleveland Browns - Offensive/Defensive Tackle, 1946-53
Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1977

  Curtis McClinton
AFL-NFL Kansas City Chiefs - Running Back, 1962-69
1962 AFL Rookie of the Year; 1962 & 1965 all AFL

  Jim Marshall
NFL Minnesota Vikings - Defensive Tackle
Played on the famed Purple People Eater defense

  Ronald L. Cooper
Head Coach at Louisville Univ.
At at 33, he is the youngest Div. 1-A Coach

  Ron Dickerson
Head Football Coach, Temple University

  Carl Jackson
Asst. Coach, San Francisco 49ers

  Bob Simmons
Head Football Coach, Oklahoma State Univ.
Courtesy of Darnell Abram, Zeta Omega (Spr. '94)

  Michael Wiley
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Zeta Chapter

  Charles Lee
NFL Green Bay Packers
Lambda Omega Chapter

  Anthony Lucas
NFL Green Bay Packers
Iota Tau Chapter


  Kenny Lofton
MLB Clevland Indians, 1994 All Star

  Emmett Ashford
First Black Umpire in Major League Baseball


  *Arthur Ashe
Tennis Legend, Civic Astivist

and Field

  Jon Drummond
World Class Sprinter and 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist (4 x 100 relay)

  Dr. Rev. Joseph H. Evans
Elected as first Black president to head the United Church of Christ (2 million members) in 1980

  General Daniel James Jr., U.S.A.F
First Black General to wear 4 stars in the U.S. Military

  Lt. General Russel Davis
First African American to command the National Guard

  Lt. General Albert Edmunds
Commander of the Defense Information Systems Agency - Retired

  Lt. General Andrew Chambers
Former commander of the famed 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas and commander of the 5th (U.S.) Corps - Retired

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